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1.   Can the product really be used outdoors?V
Plant Nappy is designed with outdoor use in mind. Carefully chosen materials ensure that the product is UV resistant, crush resistant and can withstand adverse weather. The product design ensures that it functions exceptionally well on uneven surfaces, and rainwater is filtered through the side walls, removing any contaminants, and allowing it to escape.
2.   How long do they last?V
This would depend on the amount of use and the amount of oil dropped onto the Plant Nappy. We have had a Plant Nappy that has been used daily for eight years and is still functional.
3.   What else do I need for the Plant Nappy to function?V
Nothing, the Plant Nappy is designed to be a standalone product, and will function 100% straight out of the bag; no assembly needed.
4.   How much can the Plant Nappy adsorb?V
Depending upon the size of the Plant Nappy, the product can adsorb up to 16 litres of oil. This is up to 6 litres per metre squared.
5.   Do I need a liner?V
Liners are not needed for the Plant Nappy to function. However, many customers choose to use a liner for maintenance and to lengthen the life of the product even further.